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Outstanding online marketing is a mixture of compelling content and well-executed advertising. We manage digital campaigns and promotions that grow audiences, sell products and services, develop sales funnels, generate leads, build email databases, and more. Our integrated approach ensures a seamless customer journey at all times.

Whether you need to change behaviour, increase your customer base or build a community around a cause, a well-executed social campaign can generate stunning results. We create digital content and social campaigns with insight at their core to ensure we’re reaching and engaging your target audience effectively.

Audience insight

Detailed audience research and customer insight is the starting point for all our campaigns. We get under the skin of your target audience to find out what makes them tick and where you need to be online to reach them.

ROI analytics

Your KPIs are embedded in our strategy from the outset, and we provide analytical insight and ROI reporting throughout your campaign. Effective measurement and results monitoring are vital for social media success.

Brand engagement

We put you at the centre of the online conversations that matter to your brand, building reputation, brand awareness and, ultimately, customer loyalty. Creative, targeted content matched to clear calls to action generates brand buzz and meaningful engagement for you.

Client case study

Get Nottingham Trending

To be the first city in the world to trend on Twitter.

Shake were proud to have led the Get Nottingham Trending campaign – a campaign that galvanised local pride, engaged celebrities and finally unleashed a new hashtag - #Nottinghamrocks - on the day that took Twitter by storm.

As a result of our strategic planning and campaign building, #Nottinghamrocks became the number one trending topic in the UK and number three worldwide, with residents and celebrities alike sharing almost 16,000 tweets in just one day.

#Nottinghamrocks continues to be a popular and widely used hashtag to this day.

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‘I was delighted that Shake Social came on board with the campaign early on as their input and commitment was vital. I have learned so much about social media in the past few weeks and now realise how important it is to get the right expert advice.’

Tony Bates


Get Nottingham Trending

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