Get Nottingham Trending

Get Nottingham Trending


To be the first city in the world to trend on Twitter.

Shake were proud to have led the Get Nottingham Trending campaign – a campaign that galvanised local pride, engaged celebrities and finally unleashed a new hashtag - #Nottinghamrocks - on the day that took Twitter by storm.


As a result of our strategic planning and campaign building, #Nottinghamrocks became the number one trending topic in the UK and number three worldwide, with residents and celebrities alike sharing almost 16,000 tweets in just one day.

#Nottinghamrocks continues to be a popular and widely used hashtag to this day.


tweets in one day


number 1 trending topic in the UK

‘I was delighted that Shake Social came on board with the campaign early on as their input and commitment was vital. I have learned so much about social media in the past few weeks and now realise how important it is to get the right expert advice.’

Tony Bates


Get Nottingham Trending