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Whatever you’re selling, whether it be a service or product, it’s generally the case that people do a fair bit of browsing before they decide to buy. The problem is that in the period between them viewing your website (along with a few competitor sites), going away and considering their  purchase, it may well be the case that they have forgotten the name of your company and the name of your product! This is where Facebook remarketing comes in.

Facebook remarketing is a way of targeting people who have visited your website whilst logged into Facebook and showing them ads from your business back on Facebook. This can be done simply by targeting anyone who has visited your site, or just people who have viewed specific pages or products.

Think of your classic sales funnel:

sales funnel

When people visit your website they have already been made aware of your brand and are at the ‘Discovery’ or ‘Intent’ stage of their journey, but you need to reach them again whilst they are at the ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Buy’ stages. Facebook remarketing ads reach potentially lost leads and, by reminding people of what you offer, can bring people back to your website to buy.

To set up Facebook remarketing ads you need your own Facebook ad account and a bit of help from your web developer to install some code (your Facebook ‘pixel’ code). You can then set up an ad targeted to people  who have visited your website (or certain pages of it) in the past week, or even month.

We’d recommend trying Facebook remarketing ads if you haven’t used them already. You only pay if people click on your ad, so even if you get few clicks, you’re reminding people of your brand for free! For help with Facebook advertising get in touch.