The University of Nottingham

Social Media Training


To deliver cutting-edge training to the Business Engagement team on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The University of Nottingham is in the top 1% of universities globally and with good reason. So when they got in touch to ask for advanced training, we knew we needed to deliver world-class expertise to give them that competitive edge.


We tailored a bespoke course to their exact needs, aimed at increasing their engagement with businesses and offering innovative results for their team.

We focused on LinkedIn and Twitter, looking at strategic solutions, practical tips and advanced techniques for business engagement. They left with the tools and the roadmap needed for social media success.

‘Shake Social delivered a totally bespoke social media training session for us. They provided us with lots of invaluable insights into how we could improve, while also giving us great new ideas that we could use in the future.’

Nicholas King

Marketing Projects Manager

The University of Nottingham

Client - The University of Nottingham

  • Research - Sara Powell
  • Delivery - Kate Tyler