The Electoral Commission

Voter Registration


To create a Facebook campaign for the European Referendum that increased online voter registration in Nottingham.

We were tasked with targeting specific demographics with traditionally low voter turn-out rates, such as people in rental accommodation, students, the BME community and young people – all in a very short timeframe.


We created custom artwork in line with national branding to target specific groups, and built targeted Facebook campaigns aimed at each group accordingly.

From brief to action we had the campaign live within 48 hours and reached 1,776,935 people in a 10 day period. This resulted in over 8,000 additional people registering to vote in the same time frame – people that probably wouldn’t have registered otherwise.


people reached


new voters registering in 10 days

'Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world.'

Sharon Salzberg


The Electoral Commission

Client - The Electoral Commission

  • Concept & Strategy - Moya Vaughan Evans
  • Design - Jason Marks
  • Social Advertising - Alessia Cacaveri
  • Analytics - Kate Tyler