Sport England & City of Football

Social Media Management


To plan, deliver and evaluate ongoing social media to engage new audiences to participate in football. 

Sport England selected Nottingham to be the first City of Football in 2014, challenging people across the city to find their football in new and interesting ways. We were tasked with creating a city-wide social media strategy that targeted key demographics for engagement, and then implementing it with ongoing management of all channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogging and vlogging.


We devised a strategy that targeted different demographics with audience-focused content and channels. In particular, we were tasked with engaging women and girls in the 14-25 age range. We built a football focused Facebook page that now has a 37% female audience, and used targeted Facebook advertising to ensure promotion of female-focused activity within the target age range. We also ran a competition to secure two official teen vloggers for the campaign, both of which have driven significant engagement with our target market. Female participation in football across the city has now increased markedly, with women and girls attendance now at 44%.



female participation in football


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‘Nottingham City of Football's key aim is to get more people playing football. Shake Social worked with us to develop a comprehensive social media strategy that they’ve been implementing since September 2015. We have seen significant engagement across all our digital platforms since then.’

Amanda Chambers

Managing Director

Nottingham City of Football