Rape Crisis

Social Media Management


To set up and manage the local social media channels on their behalf.

Rape Crisis operates a network of centres across England and Wales. In Nottinghamshire it is known as Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services (formerly Nottinghamshire Rape Crisis Centre) where it provides crucial crisis and long term specialised support, counselling and independent advocacy for anyone over the age of 13 who has experienced any form of sexual violence. This can range from rape, childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault to indecent assault. Support is given for both recent and historical incidents, both online and in person.


We’re proud to count Notts SVS Services as a client, providing them with a full management service intended to raise awareness of their vital work, help with fundraising, and reach out to those who may be in need of their support.

As a team we’ve undertaken extensive specialist training in order to be able to accurately represent all of the work that they do and signpost services effectively and sensitively. Using Facebook and Twitter we research and create relevant content, promote fundraising campaigns, manage Twitter Q&As, signpost services and raise awareness of a range of issues.


Average monthly reach



‘Thank you for doing a really good job to enable us to reach out to so many people, some who are interested in the work we do and some that need our services. Thanks again you are making a valuable difference.’

Novlet Holness

Chief Executive Officer

Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services