Manchester Art Gallery

Creative Workshops


To deliver an interactive workshop on the ways social media can be used to promote creativity.

From ground-breaking exhibitions to pioneering educational activities, Manchester Art Gallery is a stalwart on the national art scene. We were asked to present to their Creative Consultants, a group of 14-19 year olds who meet monthly to connect with art, be creative and make their mark on the gallery.


We presented a range of creative social media approaches, and looked at how the gallery could increase digital participation and interaction.

Our work here was targeted at a teen audience who went on to establish some exciting, creative forays into the social world – not least a statue that tweets, and an installation with a live Instagram feed.

‘Shake delivered a smart, clear, fun and engaging session on social media for Manchester Art Gallery's Creative Consultants group, actively involving everyone, and targeted just right.’

Jim Medway

Lead Artist to the Creative Consultants

Manchester Art Gallery