There are many benefits and strengths for both Pages and Groups on Facebook and they each offer something different for the user and depending on what you want to use it for . Whichever is most useful for your company, choose at least one and work hard at it.

Here are key three reasons Facebook groups can be a solid addition to your social media presence:


Pages have to be started by a representative of the company so in most cases users can be sure that the page has been set up by the company and is controlled by them.

While it’s true that groups can be started by anyone, if they’re branded correctly and linked to your company page users can be sure that they are connecting with the business they want to connect with.

Ascertaining ownership of your page will give users confidence in the authenticity of your brand.


Pages are free for anyone to like by simply clicking on a button, but some groups (depending on their visibility e.g. open, closed or secret) often require an invite. This flexibility can be advantageous for businesses, giving you more control over who you’re engaging with.

Pages allow for very little interaction between you and your fans unless they write to you in a private message or interact with your content. A group provides much more scope for a discussion and if you have invited specific clients to join your group, they’re likely to feel valued and therefore more willing to engage.


Business pages are commonplace on Facebook and act very much as a shop front where everyone can see and engage with your content. That’s great, but how do you really connect with your core audience? Groups are perfect for this. You could use Facebook groups as focus groups for your products and services.

Inviting your clients to work with you to improve the things they like about your business can be invaluable when developing future marketing strategies.

Use groups to connect with the innovators amongst your fan base and get the most out of them in a forum away from your page, showing them how much you value their feedback and opinion.